Paris In The Fall – Miranda Kerr as Cicciolina for V 2013

Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world.
As Renovation Experts here, you meet clients with very refined tastes.

But, I know what you are thinking…

“C’mon! ‘Miranda Kerr Channels an Italian Porn Star for September’s V Magazine.’
What does this have to do with renovation?!”
Well, quite alot really. We are ‘reblogging’ from someone who is following our own weblog.

When we got the ‘follow’ notification we took a look at the blog and were quite frankly blown away.
And although the subject matter is slightly risque, the colors and composition are breathtaking.

When it comes to Renovation in Paris, it is essential to incorporate exotic, artful, cutting edge imagery into your awareness.
It’s what sets the apart the Contemporary Artisan from the tradesmen.

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V #85 Fall 2013 issue :

Editorial : Miranda as Cicciolina
Model : Miranda Kerr
Photographer : Sebastian Faena
Styling : Julia Von Boehm

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How To Drywall Non Flat Surfaces – Own The Dome

If you think about it Humankind does the square thing really well.

Just look around you. From buildings to rooms to your kitchen counter top, squares and rectangles are just so easy for us to do.

But if you look at Nature the opposite is true.

17 July - Drywall downstairs

Drywall (Photo credit: retropc)

From the raindrop to the planets orbiting the Sun it’s the curve of the circle or the ellipse which Nature finds so easy to produce.

So did you ever look at an archway, curved wall or dome and wonder, ‘How did a Human Being plaster or drywall that?’

Well, here is a handy little video with some good tips on how to dry wall a dome ceiling.

At first it sounds difficult but really, after you see this video it might just become second nature. 😀

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Get The Smoothest Wall Possible – The Level 5 Finish

Believe it or not there is is more than one way to finish a flat, untextured wall surface.

We’ve had some clients who were very particular about what they were looking for.

One client who lived in England specifically requested that his apartment in France be painted by brush and not by roller. He said he ‘hated’ the texture that paint rollers left.

We had to let him know that this meant more time therefore more money. He was willing to pay the added expense and was delighted by the result.

In this video we present the Level 5 finish which is the smoothest finish one can deliver using conventional drywall and plastering techniques.

The presenter does a good job breaking the process down into 6 easy steps.

It takes a bit longer but for the client with a discerning eye it just may make all the difference.

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Dior Homme – Whole Lotta Love

LZ WholeLottaLove Single

LZ WholeLottaLove Single (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Whole Lotta Love is what you gotta give your clients and give your work.

And if you work good and smell good too?


Whole Lotta Love 😀

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How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Ok, this one will be the one!!!

Your starting your own construction company.

It’s your third kitchen renovation and this time your determined to make a profit.

Everything is going well. You’ve been able to solve every problem so far without it cascading into a money sucking horror show.

All you have to do is install the appliances and ‘Voila’ it’s time to ‘Wow’ the client.

So you unpack and install the stainless steel fridge and stove and dishwasher and stand  back to take a look.

But somethings wrong. The ‘Wow’ factor turned in to the ‘Ow’ factor.

Something’s just not right. Your greasy paw prints are all over everything.

So you start wiping and wiping and using this cleaner and that then you stand back and guess what?


There goes your profit and super happy client…. 😦

Stainless steel is a delicate finish and is easily compromised if you don’t know what you are doing.

This vid gives you some great tips on how to do it right 😀

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