Before A Client And After A Friend

One of the great joys of life is working on a renovation project, finding solutions to problems together and at the end being able to call your client a friend.

Providing timely solutions can be especially difficult in Paris where the words ‘pas possible’ can sound like the National Anthem.

The following video is a small tribute to a few clients and friends who together we have traveled this terrain .

It was either the Hyatt or Hilton hotel chain that noticed something interesting when reviewing the questioners they gave customers to fill out.

People who had encountered problems which were met with first class service by the hotel staff gave an over all rating higher than people who had no trouble whatsoever.

The top management had even considered creating ‘false’ problems with which they would then respond like Superheros to save the day.

When it comes to apartment or home renovation in Paris and dealing with the French culture as a whole, solving problems that by all rights shouldn’t exist is par for the course!

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