How To Open A Car Door With A Tennisball?

I know. You’re like;

Q:”What does this video have to do with renovation in Paris?”


The problems one runs into while trying to get things done the land of ‘pas possible’ is in a word ‘phenomenal’.

You can’t get mad.

You can’t get sad.

We accept the fact that we are Americans in Paris although  it can feel like ‘Planet Ridiculous’ now and again.

Anyone can solve a problem.


Tennisball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But many times the best way forward is to go inside; to go Zen and to meditate on the most elegant solution possible.

So in honor of the best way forward we offer this video.

We haven’t tried this yet but are dying to give it a go…

If you try it out tell us how it works.

Get ‘er done! 😀

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