Dream House or Carpenter’s Nightmare?

Dream House or Carpenters Nightmare?

Captain America (1990 film)

In America you get spoiled with big homes and apartments and elevators that actually work.

In Paris, when it comes to rehab projects there is the one job that no carpenter especially looks forward to.

And that’s the dreaded 6 floor walk up with out an elevator!

But , it’s no big deal really.

You just know that when it comes to removing debris or loading tools and materials you’re just going to have to get out the Captian America cape, suck it up and move carefully, don’t damage the stairwell and get ‘er done.

The hard part is when you have your tool belt on; you’re working away and then you realize that the tool or fastener you need is six floors down and in the vehicle that’s parked a half mile away!

That’s whiy this pic is so much fun.

We’d love to talk to the construction team on this jobsite. 😀

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