Le Gourmand du Mouffetard

Our week in Paris has been truly memorable. Your apartment is truly fantastic. The welcome booklet recommendations were spot on. We will be sure to stay again when next we visit Paris. Jayden and Morgan.


Français : La plaque de la rue Mouffetard à Paris

Français : La plaque de la rue Mouffetard à Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the above link are two apartments we have renovated for two wonderful clients that we are glad to call our friends. They were very clear in their vision and expectations which made them a joy to work with and their apartments a pleasure to renovate.

If you have the desire to do something like this, buy property in France, renovate it and rent it out or or keep it as a vacation home, it is more than possible. It’s done all the time.

The reasons are many. One main attraction to property in Paris is it is seen as a good investment. The real estate industry here is tightly regulated. This makes predatory lending which was rampant in the United States and elsewhere absolutely impossible here.

You may think property in France is too expensive.

In coming posts we will show you how property just minutes away from Paris can be as much as 75 percent lower in price than the same square footage in town center.

Here is a video which reveals a secret about purchasing property in France that only insiders like us know. 😀

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