A Shout Out On How To Clean Grout

Grout (drying)

Grout (Photo credit: The Facey Family)

The problem with professional grout cleaning products is they are focused on power and speed.

‘CLEAN YOUR GROUT LINES IN 5 MINUTES!!!’, they’ll proclaim. But read the label and you’ll see why they say what they say.

The problem is where ever there is tile there is usually water, bare feet, mouths, food, kids, along with people and stuff. To clean grout lines fast you need something caustic and dangerous to get into the pores and to cut through the grime to remove it quickly.

However there IS another way.

Q: Did you hear about the doctor that had to leave the practice of medicine.
A: He lost his patients!

Well, if you are not like the doctor above; if you can get into a groove,
turn on your favorite music and be one with nature for a few hours, you can get dramatic effects using cheap, everyday household products when it comes to renovating those pesky, love to get discussing, grout lines.

The video below is really a lot longer than it needs to be but it’ll prepare you to get in to that ‘go with the flow’ grout groove! The presenter is fun and informative. Here she uses baking soda to get the job done. We recommend for more cleaning power you can add a bit of white vinegar to make a paste. But you have to add the vinegar slowly. It will react and bubble all over the place if you add too much at once.

So take an afternoon, turn on the radio and as the band ‘Tears For Fears’ might say.

“Grout! Grout! Scrub it throughout!

The grime in these lines we can do without.

C’mon, I’m talking to you… C’mon!”


Tears For Fears – In Paris!

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