The Art Of Screwing – That Squeaky Carpeted Floor

Nails Italiano: Chiodi Ελληνικά: καρφοβελόνες

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“Tonight that pie is mine!” Host Bob Schmidt declares. The squeak next to his bed that would wake up his wife every time he tried to tip toe to the fridge for a midnight run has been silenced!

Now, every self-respecting carpenter knows that to fix a creaky floor you have to pull up the carpet. Right?

“Wrong!” Says the Bobilator. He attacks the problem in a unique and borderline mystical way.

When the video starts out he shows the tools you need. A wire coat hanger? A roll of tape? Metal snips? Who is this guy? I thought this was going to be the attack of a renovation hack, flaying away in some fantasy world for ill gotten gains.

But quite frankly this video was a lot of fun to watch. Granted if you are in Paris and if your place  is 300 years old with a ‘point de hongrie’ hardwood floor under the carpet, with this technique you are out of luck. But if you have press-board or plywood as a subfloor this move is so crazy it just might work!

Tip: We think a twenty-penny nail whose head you grind off would work better than the coat hanger but hey, it’s his video.

We had fun watching this. We hope you do too. Enjoy!

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