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When it comes to accommodations in Paris, nothing  beats
Meet Ondine.
In her profile she says
“Hey, I’m a simple and nice person willing to rent my Parisian flat sometimes when i’m away from Paris or just sleeping in another part of the city.”
In her apartment description she writes,
“I sublet my mini-castle! It’s 30sq meters with 1 bed for 2 persons and a couch. The flat is located in the north east area of Paris, but quite close to the center. I will wait for you at home and present/explain you everything, give you the keys and then leave, but if you need anything during your stay don’t hesitate to call me!I hope you’ll have a pleasant stay in my little castle 😉 Feel free ton contact me for further information! – Ondine”Check out the full description and pics of the apartment here.

Arrondissements of Paris

Arrondissements of Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now guess how much she is charging a night.

It’s 30 square meters.

Very comfortable.

Near the center of Paris.

Guess how much? 200 euros? 150 euros? 100 euros?

She is renting from 49 euros a night! Is that great or what? You are not giving your money to some corporate behemoth. You are giving it to a nice person, a real life Parisian native, and all she asks is that you leave the place clean when you leave.

So if you are planning a stay in Paris, airbnb is definitely an option we recommend you look into.

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Get The Smoothest Wall Possible – The Level 5 Finish

Believe it or not there is is more than one way to finish a flat, untextured wall surface.

We’ve had some clients who were very particular about what they were looking for.

One client who lived in England specifically requested that his apartment in France be painted by brush and not by roller. He said he ‘hated’ the texture that paint rollers left.

We had to let him know that this meant more time therefore more money. He was willing to pay the added expense and was delighted by the result.

In this video we present the Level 5 finish which is the smoothest finish one can deliver using conventional drywall and plastering techniques.

The presenter does a good job breaking the process down into 6 easy steps.

It takes a bit longer but for the client with a discerning eye it just may make all the difference.

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