Kitchen Ideas – How to Renovate on a Budget

A small, modern kitchen with popular stainless...

A small, modern kitchen with popular stainless steel appliances. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When looking at renovation costs even a small kitchen design can stretch the pocket book.

If you are looking to transform your kitchen but only have the resources for a small budget renovation, have no fear.

There are options.

DIY renovations can be a fun and a satisfying endeavor as long as you have the time and don’t over extend yourself.

So if you are looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen, painting your kitchen cabinets can be a great, inexpensive way to transform your living space.

This video has lots of great tips and tricks that will help you get on your way to budget renovation heaven.

Once you get the proper materials, in the time of a single weekend you can make a drab, dreary kitchen come back to life again.

Bon Courage!

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Dior Homme – Whole Lotta Love

LZ WholeLottaLove Single

LZ WholeLottaLove Single (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Whole Lotta Love is what you gotta give your clients and give your work.

And if you work good and smell good too?


Whole Lotta Love 😀

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How To Open A Car Door With A Tennisball?

I know. You’re like;

Q:”What does this video have to do with renovation in Paris?”


The problems one runs into while trying to get things done the land of ‘pas possible’ is in a word ‘phenomenal’.

You can’t get mad.

You can’t get sad.

We accept the fact that we are Americans in Paris although  it can feel like ‘Planet Ridiculous’ now and again.

Anyone can solve a problem.


Tennisball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But many times the best way forward is to go inside; to go Zen and to meditate on the most elegant solution possible.

So in honor of the best way forward we offer this video.

We haven’t tried this yet but are dying to give it a go…

If you try it out tell us how it works.

Get ‘er done! 😀

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A Handy Sponge Painting Video

English: Drywall Self-owned, released to PD

English: Drywall Self-owned, released to PD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the States, to smooth out a wall that has seen better days is simple; build a new wall in front of the old wall.

But when it comes to renovation in Paris, size matters.

Every square centimeter of a room is valuable real estate.

Gluing drywall to the old wall to create a flat surface is one solution. Hiring a team of enduit guys to rectify the situation by hand is another.

But one move that is many times overlooked is the ‘Sponge Paint’ technique. With a few Sea Sponges, paint and some odds and ends you are on your way to a whole new room.

Although it doesn’t solve the problem of a lumpy bumpy wall, it is an inexpensive and fun way to ad character and hide imperfections.

And this video has a lot of handy tips and tricks to get you there!

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The Art Of Screwing – That Squeaky Carpeted Floor

Nails Italiano: Chiodi Ελληνικά: καρφοβελόνες

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Tonight that pie is mine!” Host Bob Schmidt declares. The squeak next to his bed that would wake up his wife every time he tried to tip toe to the fridge for a midnight run has been silenced!

Now, every self-respecting carpenter knows that to fix a creaky floor you have to pull up the carpet. Right?

“Wrong!” Says the Bobilator. He attacks the problem in a unique and borderline mystical way.

When the video starts out he shows the tools you need. A wire coat hanger? A roll of tape? Metal snips? Who is this guy? I thought this was going to be the attack of a renovation hack, flaying away in some fantasy world for ill gotten gains.

But quite frankly this video was a lot of fun to watch. Granted if you are in Paris and if your place  is 300 years old with a ‘point de hongrie’ hardwood floor under the carpet, with this technique you are out of luck. But if you have press-board or plywood as a subfloor this move is so crazy it just might work!

Tip: We think a twenty-penny nail whose head you grind off would work better than the coat hanger but hey, it’s his video.

We had fun watching this. We hope you do too. Enjoy!

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