Wood Is Good – World’s Tallest Wooden Towers Proposed for Paris

As American Carpenters in Paris you learn quickly how little wood is used in construction and renovation here.

Bottom line; it’s just too expensive.

Much of Europe has been deforested many hundreds of years ago. In fact the first US patent was for potash or wood ashes used for fertilizer, which was sold to Britain and other European countries.

But lately, it seems as if wood has been getting a bad rap.

The focus on sustainable development never seems to include lumber as a material of choice; that is until now.

In the article, Towers Proposed For Paris Would Be The World’s Tallest Wooden Structures wood evangelist and architect Michael Green argues exactly the opposite.

He says because of new technological advances wood as a building material has become stronger, safer, and more economical than steel.

But Green goes even further, “Just as Gustave Eiffel shattered our conception of what was possible a century and a half ago, this project can push the envelope of wood innovation with France in the forefront.”

And with a name like ‘Green’ it’s kind of hard not listen.

3 thoughts on “Wood Is Good – World’s Tallest Wooden Towers Proposed for Paris

  1. I love working with wood. I love the smell, the feel, the fact that it was once alive lol…; it’s a pleasure to work with. Also, for some reason I like to work with concrete. One day I was on a crew pouring a floor, next day I was the guy screeting and finishing it off. Bizarre… How about you?

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  2. I’m not a builder like you by any means, but I enjoy seeing how it’s done. I think for me I look for things that last a long time. I’d love to build a home out of concrete. No bugs and the heating and cooling is much more efficient as well as the sound from outside is cut down. Building and structure has always fascinated me. I love the remodeling aspect. I often wonder why something was done; like why a wall was put here or a bathroom out there when there seems to be a better way. I think I have a good eye about aesthetics. I’m pouring concrete steps right now. With the weather here in the south being so unpredictable, it’s taking longer but I’ve enjoyed the screening and finishing it off too. I am planning on a green house build out of old windows! I am going to pour a concrete floor! Exciting! 🙂


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