Kitchen Design Ideas

A small kitchen - technical drawing.

A small kitchen – technical drawing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a home or apartment renovation kitchen designs can be challenging, especially in Paris where the space you have to work with can sometimes be so limiting.

In this video they have a few things we found  interesting.

The wall mounted wine racks get a thumbs up. This is a stylish option when contemplating storage solutions in a small kitchen design.

The rolling cart and moving the appliances of the counter tops are also great tips.

And they also touch on something that is rarely addressed.

Different people have different cooking styles. For instance men sometimes approach the kitchen like a construction site and spread out all over the place.

If a couple enjoys cooking together but their styles clash, giving each their own area is also a very good idea!

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Bathroom Ideas

Some of these Style Tips and Tricks videos simply state the obvious in new and interesting ways.

But in this ’11 Easy Bathroom Style Tricks’ video we found really had some fun ideas to add a little style and panache to your bain or douche.

The tip that caught our eye is the idea of installing mirrored ceiling.

You can see it at about 1:30 into the video.

In Paris a bathroom and be very small indeed but a mirrored ceiling is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom a completely new look and feel.

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How To Install A Shower Door

Deutsch: Duschkabine mit erkennbaren Armaturen...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woodie with his thick Irish accent does a great job giving a general overview on how to installing a bathroom shower door.

A shower door may seem like a  big task for the amateur craftsmen but if you go slow and follow the directions it can be a valuable investment that will save renovation costs on  possible water penetration of the floor and ceiling in the apartment below over time.

He is absolutely correct for the proper drill bit for the job. If you have just a regular masonry bit you risk cracking the tile.

Tip: Measure twice, go to the shower door store once. If you make double sure you are reading your tape correctly (like it’s 90 cm not an upside 60cm lol…), and make extra sure your measurements are correct, you can be relatively sure that you can pick up the correct size shower door for the job.

Here is an PDF file print out for the video;

Have Fun! 😀

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Get The Smoothest Wall Possible – The Level 5 Finish

Believe it or not there is is more than one way to finish a flat, untextured wall surface.

We’ve had some clients who were very particular about what they were looking for.

One client who lived in England specifically requested that his apartment in France be painted by brush and not by roller. He said he ‘hated’ the texture that paint rollers left.

We had to let him know that this meant more time therefore more money. He was willing to pay the added expense and was delighted by the result.

In this video we present the Level 5 finish which is the smoothest finish one can deliver using conventional drywall and plastering techniques.

The presenter does a good job breaking the process down into 6 easy steps.

It takes a bit longer but for the client with a discerning eye it just may make all the difference.

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Dream House or Carpenter’s Nightmare?

Dream House or Carpenters Nightmare?

Captain America (1990 film)

In America you get spoiled with big homes and apartments and elevators that actually work.

In Paris, when it comes to rehab projects there is the one job that no carpenter especially looks forward to.

And that’s the dreaded 6 floor walk up with out an elevator!

But , it’s no big deal really.

You just know that when it comes to removing debris or loading tools and materials you’re just going to have to get out the Captian America cape, suck it up and move carefully, don’t damage the stairwell and get ‘er done.

The hard part is when you have your tool belt on; you’re working away and then you realize that the tool or fastener you need is six floors down and in the vehicle that’s parked a half mile away!

That’s whiy this pic is so much fun.

We’d love to talk to the construction team on this jobsite. 😀

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