The Art Of Screwing – Rock It Fast

In French it’s called BA 10 or BA 13. In America it’s known as drywall. But in the trades it has a nickname: ‘Rock’. So when it comes to common phrases like: ‘ready to rock’, ‘let’s rock’, etc… in Carpentry they have their own special meaning.

So let’s say you’ve framed out a space and you are in fact, ready to rock. SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) dictate you always rock the ceiling first. This is the least glorious of all the rocking maneuvers. The reason is you have to get up on a ladder, lift the drywall over your head, position it properly on the ceiling joists or rafters, then you have to load your screw gun with a screw and then screw it to the rough framing. This move you rinse and repeat until the drywall is attached to the point it won’t fall down.  If there are only two guys rockin’ this is preformed while the one with the gun holds the drywall in place with his head as he reaches into his pouch to grab a handful of screws.

Now in in the good ol’ USA, we usually make a few T braces out of wood that we use to hold the drywall in place. But this is Paris. France was deforested hundreds of years ago. When it comes many building situations here, using wood just ain’t no good.

Harry Callahan, played by Clint EastwoodSo there you are huffing, puffing and juggling your way toward your rockdom. Like we said, not very glorious…until now! Enter the Auto Feed Screw Gun. Now, the video below features Bosch which is somewhat of a Pro-sumer quality brand, nothing special. But the video is out standing. Check it out!

No more fumbling around for screws, no more holding the rock up with your head. You just point and shoot like Clint Eastwood. With your auto feed screw gun in one hand and drywall in the other, you get to look up at the ceiling and say ‘Go ahead, Make my day!…’

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The Art Of Screwing – The Extractor Set

You say to yourself “OK, Self! This is a no brainer. I’ll just unscrew this thing, fix it up and put it back together before she gets home. All in all it should take me about 19 seconds. She’ll never even notice…”

You get out the trusty screw gun and get to work but then it happens, maybe it was the wrong driver bit, maybe it was the wrong angle; or maybe it just wasn’t your day. The screw head raises slightly and then you feel that dreaded sensation.

You’ve stripped it!

You put the screw gun to it again and press the trigger pretending you didn’t feel what you just felt but to no avail. There it is. It no longer resembles a screw head. It looks like an open mouth laughing hard. You try another driver bit. You try to grab it with pliers.

Useless. Not your tools, the feeling inside your gut.

Is there a solution? YES! Run down to the hardware store and grab a Screw Extractor Set! You’ll be on the couch waiting to hear her open the door in no time!