The Art Of Screwing – The Extractor Set

You say to yourself “OK, Self! This is a no brainer. I’ll just unscrew this thing, fix it up and put it back together before she gets home. All in all it should take me about 19 seconds. She’ll never even notice…”

You get out the trusty screw gun and get to work but then it happens, maybe it was the wrong driver bit, maybe it was the wrong angle; or maybe it just wasn’t your day. The screw head raises slightly and then you feel that dreaded sensation.

You’ve stripped it!

You put the screw gun to it again and press the trigger pretending you didn’t feel what you just felt but to no avail. There it is. It no longer resembles a screw head. It looks like an open mouth laughing hard. You try another driver bit. You try to grab it with pliers.

Useless. Not your tools, the feeling inside your gut.

Is there a solution? YES! Run down to the hardware store and grab a Screw Extractor Set! You’ll be on the couch waiting to hear her open the door in no time!


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